Our Commitment

This unparalleled moment in our history has reinforced that every person is precious and deserving of equal dignity, respect and treatment. The commitments listed below are a start, and we are putting real action behind them. We are working to determine what will make the biggest difference for our associates, our customers and our communities. Here's what you can expect from us:

We are listening as we continue this dialogue – and will not rest until we make progress.

  • Purposeful listening. Many leaders across the business, starting with our CEO, are engaging in conversations with individual associates and teams to listen and to learn. Listening will enable us to know how to enhance training and education so we can equip associates to inspire change.
  • There is much more listening to do, and we are committed to providing both small and large, formal and informal forums for associates to be heard. We collectively must get better at tough conversations and being okay with not having the answers.

We are enhancing training to educate and equip associates to inspire change and live our values.

  • We have gathered and are sharing resources to provide education, tools and insights for our associates on managing bias and being an ally.
  • The support we give each other now and the opportunity to learn from one another are equally as important as the business of the business, if not more.

We have increased our investment in organizations that fund the fight against racism and inequality because we believe Black Lives Matter.

  • In partnership with L Brands, Bath & Body Works expanded its commitment to long-time community partners, the National Urban League and YWCA, by donating $1 million in 2020 to their national and Columbus-based affiliates.
    • The National Urban League is dedicated to economic empowerment, equality and social justice and collaborates with community leaders, policymakers and corporate partners to elevate the standards of African American and other historically underserved groups.
    • The YWCA is focused on eliminating racism, empowering women and promoting peace, justice, freedom and dignity for all through programming and advocacy.
      • We designated a portion of our $1 million donation to support the YWCA USA’s voting initiative: Your Voice, Your Vote, Your Future. It focuses on a number of critical areas including educating and engaging voters, specifically women of color, and raising voter awareness about racial disparities and gender equity issues.
  • In partnership with L Brands, The Bath & Body Works Foundation has supported these organizations for more than two decades with grants of nearly $7 million, board and committee service, volunteerism, event sponsorships and product donations. We’re proud to strengthen our partnership with these organizations to best leverage our donation in support of the fight against racism.

We are holding ourselves accountable.

  • We know that our commitments are just a starting place. We have a lot of work to do. Our board of directors and executive leadership team are clear that we want to do this right … and that will take hard conversations, time and dedicated effort.
  • We are implementing a robust diversity, equity and inclusion strategy with specific objectives, measurable outcomes and clear expectations for leaders and associates. This critical work will enable us to hold ourselves accountable, ensuring that our commitment to diversity and inclusion is demonstrated by our actions and our words.

*As of Aug. 3, 2021, Bath & Body Works established itself as a stand-alone company. Prior to this date, the business was part of L Brands, Inc.