Supplier Code of Conduct

These standards and all relevant laws, regulations and conventions in all countries in which the supplier and factory operate must be adhered to and must be communicated to all workers and posted prominently in the workplace in English and the native languages of factory employees who work with our product. Every factory is required to have a grievance process for its workers as outlined in our Compliance Guidebook (Guidebook) which is provided to all suppliers and factories. The purpose of the Guidebook is to provide additional clarification to supplier partners and their factories regarding a broad range of compliance standards and requirements that we are committed to as an enterprise and also expect our suppliers to follow.

We support the work of international agencies and organizations that seek to implement internationally recognized standards for labor practices. And, while we recognize that there are different legal and cultural environments in which our suppliers operate throughout the world, our principles and guidelines set forth the compliance requirements that all suppliers must meet in order to do business with Bath & Body Works.

If we find a supplier is not in compliance with the Bath & Body Works Supplier Code of Conduct, we will require immediate corrective action. Bath & Body Works will not partner with suppliers and factories that are unwilling or unable to work with us to achieve our compliance standards.

Supplier Code Of Conduct

Compliance with the Law

Compliance with all laws, rules and regulations.

Minimum Wages and Benefits

Payment to workers of the minimum wage prescribed by local law or the prevailing local industry wage, whichever is higher; provision to workers of benefits that conform to the better of applicable local law or prevailing local industry standards; and payment to workers of overtime compensation in compliance with all applicable laws.

Maximum Working Hours

Overtime shall be limited to a level consistent with humane and productive working conditions. Workers shall not be required, on a regularly scheduled basis, to work in excess of 60 hours (or lower if prescribed by local laws or local industry standards) per week; and, generally, workers shall be provided with at least one day off in seven.

No Forced Labor

Prison, indentured, bonded, involuntary or slave labor or labor obtained through human trafficking shall not be used.

No Child Labor

All workers shall be at least the local minimum legal working age or ILO standard, whichever is higher.

Health and Safety

The work environment shall be safe and healthy.


Workers shall be selected only on the basis of their ability to do the job and not on the basis of other personal characteristics or beliefs.

No Corporal Punishment

Neither corporal punishment nor any other form of physical or psychological coercion shall be used against workers.

Freedom of Association

The lawful exercise of workers' rights of free association shall be respected and not restricted or interfered in, and workers lawfully exercising those rights shall not be threatened or penalized.


Suppliers must comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

Community Involvement

Projects undertaken in partnership with community groups, or local or international NGOs, particularly those that address educational opportunities for younger people employed in production facilities, shall be encouraged and supported.


For the purpose of monitoring compliance with our policies, the company, subcontractors and its agents shall be given unrestricted access to all production facilities and dormitories and to all relevant records, whether or not notice is provided in advance.


Bath & Body Works requires all suppliers and subcontractors to fully comply with its Code of Conduct. Bath & Body Works does not allow unauthorized subcontracting. A formal request must be submitted to Bath & Body Works for approval, should a supplier require subcontracting.


Suppliers must comply with all applicable anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws, rules and regulations.